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Ostrich leather embarks on a global tour

Ostriches have been roaming the plains of the Southern Cape of South Africa for centuries. The high demand for ostrich feathers enabled the creation of an industry that has been in existence for almost 200 years. The ostrich industry is highly sustainable and a major job creator in a vast rural area.

In this unique and challenging industry, Klein Karoo International and Mosstrich Group (SCOT) merged to create Cape Karoo International. We are combining our decades of experience to effectively create and continuously support a secure and sustainable environment for our passionate farmers. Together we are committed to protect the environment, to optimize the health and safety of our employees and to create ever increasing job opportunities within a rural community.

Cape Karoo International is committed to ensure the continued supply of high-quality ostrich leather to our valued customer base around the world.  We strive towards offering a wide range of finishes and colours that perfectly suit the specific needs of each of our respected customers.

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